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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing that may soon lead to more sales. You can think of showing your product or service through a banner on a website who visits your audience. Advertisers (you) and affiliates (website owners and the like) are linked together, where the advertiser pays the affiliate to promote products / services. You can see an affiliate as the ideal employee, because you pay on a ‘no cure, no pay’; For example, you pay per sale online. Usually delivers affiliate marketing over the investment, because customers are reached otherwise one can not be reached.


How does it work?
Gouddraad Consultancy looks at what affiliate opportunities best suit your website and who has the right affiliates to bring your campaign a success. Of course we do a competitive analysis and we propose to hand them a strategy and achieve goals for you. After that we decide the fees, we communicate with affiliates and we provide continuous monitoring of your campaign and analysis.
Examples of popular affiliate websites on which products or services are promoted are,,,, and


Benefitsaffiliate marketing:

– No result, no pay;

– Increased customer reach;

– Little effort;

– Increased name recognition and brand awareness;

– Do not start looking for websites to advertise;

– Additional support from the network and advice.

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