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Social media

The advent of social media has changed the communication between you and your customer dramatically. From product economy to attention economy. The client decides which information he wishes to receive, from who and when he wants the information. That asks for another strategy to communicate. How do you make sure that all digital communications arise opportunities as well as possible commitment to engage in conversation with your customers? Gouddraad Consultancy can advise you. By giving you a thorough analysis, a strategic out look, creativity and in depth speciality within social media and search engines, we can make your online marketing a success.

In the skin of you customer

Ultimately, social media is a business tool that should contribute to the achievement of the business objectives. These objectives are therefore always our starting point. From here we get into the skin of your target audience. How do they think, what do they want and how to get their attention? This sharp insight we then translate into a distinctive proposition, relevant communication and optimal business process.

Close cooperation

Because we work closely with each client. At Gold wire Consultancy we know your needs and your vision and we know how to communicate to and for you.The importance of good and effective communication should not be underestimated. The way in which your company or organisation communicates with (potential) customers / members, employees, and partners all decides wether you’ll be destined for success. We pay attention to your audience, texts, the structure and readability of the look that you are aiming for, and all other aspects, so that we can maximize your online marketing in a transparent manner.

We can include the following:

– New customers / recruit members; – Creating a strong employer brand; – Devise creative solutions and give advice;
– New customers / recruit members; – Creating a strong employer brand; – Devise creative solutions and advice;
– Attract new customer groups or markets; – Objectives buttons on recoverability;
– Increase the loyalty of your existing customers / members.

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